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  • Hina Khosa

What is Rent-to-Own?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Wondering how Rent-to-Own works in today's real estate market?

The real estate market is shifting and more buyers are asking about Rent-to-Own.

We're fanatical about opening the doors to homeownership when buyers get turned down by the banks or private lenders. Company work closely with real estate professionals like me to give these families options no one else will.

So far, we have…

  • worked with over 600 agents to buy properties

  • generated sales leading to over $8 million in buyer-agent commissions

  • helped nearly 700 families Rent-to-Own their home sweet home

Sadly, Canadians continue to struggle to enter the housing market. The good news is, Rent-to-Own is becoming more mainstream, trending in the media and has been included in government policies (Budget 2022).

As a result, buyers need Rent-to-Own, now more than ever. Come join us on the RTO Forum today. It costs nothing to get involved. I'm certified Rent-To-Own Smart Agent, if you have any questions please Ask. You can send me an email, text or phone call.

there are 5 main prospects I can help with Rent-to-Own:

  1. Self-Employed/Business Owners

  2. Divorced

  3. New to Canada – waiting for PR

  4. Just started a New Job

  5. Clients with Student Loans

The minimum requirements are:

$120K+ combined household income

$25K+ downpayment

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