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  • Hina Khosa

How Jupiter in Taurus Helps Financially

We've got about a month before Jupiter moves into Taurus (May 16th), and one great thing about this transit is how it'll help us professionally! This is because Taurus is the sign of money, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity. Put it together, and Jupiter in Taurus can give us the opportunity to expand financially!

Jupiter joins with Uranus, who has been in Taurus for a few years already. Uranus is the planet of the sudden, unexpected, unconventional, and change, and with Uranus in Taurus, we've been embarking on many changes professionally and with how we make money, spend money, save money, and our approach to money.

This gets a lucky boost with Jupiter, and we may have many more opportunities that come suddenly, out of nowhere, or that involve an approach we hadn't thought of so far, and if we can take action, we can see beneficial results. This is often the issue with Jupiter - we feel so good that we lack motivation and get lazy, thinking everything will work out so why bother doing anything?

But then great opportunities pass us by and we're kicking ourselves later, and since Uranus is also in Taurus, those opportunities are likely to pass by much faster. They'll come and go at lightning speed, so any laziness means losing!

Mercury is soon going to retrograde (appear to move backward) in Taurus (April 21st - May 14th), so any issues, blocks, and problems financially that need to be worked on before Jupiter enters Taurus can become more prominent now. This gives us a chance to work it out so we can go into Jupiter in Taurus clear and ready for opportunity. So make the most of this chance over the next month to solve money issues you can, to release financial karma and patterns, and remove a lack mindset.

Ceres, who is argued to rule Taurus and is planetary ruler of money, is also retrograde, and this ends May 6th, so this adds to the Mercury retrograde in Taurus energy. Ceres has been retrograde since early February, so money issues/karma/blocks may have been something you've had to work on for a few months. Ceres retrograde ends shortly before Jupiter moves into Taurus, so this adds to the beneficial energy.

So, don't miss out on this! The next year is one where you'll definitely want to maximize the moolah. This is going to be especially strong for you if Jupiter in Taurus tours your 2nd house (Aries Rising) or 8th house (Libra Rising) since these are the money houses; and for everyone, pay attention to when transit Jupiter in Taurus aspects your natal 2nd house ruler (the natural planetary ruler of the Zodiac sign your 2nd house falls in). Since Jupiter is the happy, lucky planet, the aspect doesn't matter, and even the normally challenging ones can be beneficial if you put in some effort.

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